Friday, 5 August 2016

Olympic gymnastics 2016

Olympic gymnastics 2016

The next event to be witnessed by the people of the world is Olympic gymnastics 2016,(ARTISTIC GYMNASTIC).This game combining strength, balance, flexibility and grace, gymnasts push themselves to their physical limits using a variety of apparatus, such as vaults, bars and beams, as well as in the spectacular apparatus-free ‘floor’ routines. With performances of strength and acrobatic skill featuring incredible flips and somersaults, the gymnastics on display across a full week of events will leave you thinking what the human body was capable of. This traditional sport has been in the Games since Athens 1896 and will be a eye treat for spectators as Olympic gymnastic 2016. International federation associated with Olympic gymnastics 2016 is FIG. 

This time the Olympic gymnastics 2016 has 60 countries as participants with 196 athletes displaying a unique sport. The Olympic gymnastic 2016 will be held at Rio Olympic Arena, which was used at the 2007 Pan American Games, and stands as one of that event's main sporting legacies. During Rio 2016, the venue will stage artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastic events. For the sport of Olympic gymnastic 2016 following apparatus, styles and 30 minutes experts are in consideration. With a scoring panel nine referees who assess the difficulty and technical quality of moves and award scores. 


There are six apparatus for men and four for women: 
- Uneven bars and balance beam are used for the women's events only 
- Horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and rings are for the men's competition only 
- Both men and women compete in the floor and vault events 

These apparatus are in detail as follows: 

A 1.15m tall apparatus with two handles, or pommels, on top, which allow the men to perform a series of maneuvers using complex hand and body positions while keeping themselves atop the apparatus. 

Two parallel rings, suspended 2.75m off the ground and 50cm apart by cables, are used by men in a series of exercises requiring incredible upper body strength and control.
Gymnasts sprint 25m towards this solid apparatus and jump onto its 120cm x 95cm surface, performing a variety of handsprung mid-air maneuvers in the process, before landing on a mat. 

A square mat, measuring 12m x 12m, with a 1m safety border, and sprung to provide added boost for somersaults and leaps (as well as cushioning falls), on which intricate gymnastic routines are performed lasting a maximum of 70 seconds for men and up to 90 seconds for women. 

Horizontal bar: using only a steel bar 2.75m off the ground, male gymnasts perform a combination of hand manoeuvres and swinging jumps. 

Uneven bars: the upper bar is 2.4m off the floor and the lower bar 1.6m, with athletes passing from one to the other and incorporating a series of grip changes, releases, jumps and other moves. 

Parallel bars: two wooden rails on uprights, adjustable in height and used for swinging, vaulting and balancing exercises. 

Balance beam: gymnasts perform somersaults and turns on a bar 5m long and 10cm wide. 


Balanced position typical in beam and floor exercises where the gymnast keeps one foot on the beam and raises the other behind them with arms extended. 

One of the most basic poses in artistic gymnastics, involving balancing the upright body with both hands on the beam. 

Twisting somersault 
A somersault during which the gymnast rotates around the axis of the body a full 360º .

The event of Olympic gymnastics 2016(Artistic gymnastic) starts from 6 August 2016, which has 3 events i.e. Men’s qualification subdivision 1, 2 and 3. The next day, 7 August 2016 has same events of Olympic gymnastics 2016 (Artistic gymnastic) for women.8 and 9 August 2016 has the Olympic gymnastic 2016, Artistic gymnastic of men’s team final and women’s team final respectively. Similarly on 10 and 11 August 2016 has the men’s individual all round final and women’s individual all round final as the respective events of Olympic gymnastics 2016. Next event of Olympic gymnastics 2016 is on 14 August 2016 ,the day consist of Men's Floor Exercise Final at 14:00 , Women's Vault Final at 14:47, at 15:34 there is Men's Pommel Horse Final and at 16:21, there is Women's Uneven Bars Final .Then comes 15 august 2016 consisting of 3 events of the Olympic gymnastic 2016 at 14:00 is Men's Rings Final , from 14:54 is Men's Vault Final and from 15:46 onwards is Women's Balance Beam Final. The further events of Olympic gymnastic 2016 are on 16 August 2016, the day starts with Men's Parallel Bars Final from 14:00 onwards, the at 14:47 starts the Women's Floor Exercise Final and the day marks its end with Men's Horizontal Bar Final from 15:34 onwards , providing the world its winners of Olympic gymnastic 2016(Artistic gymnastic).