Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympics Opening Ceremony 

The opening ceremony of the grand sports event, the summer Olympics will take place on Friday 5 August 2016 in the Maracana Stadium at Rio de Janeiroin Brazil marked by great Brazilian culture. 

Olympics Opening Ceremony update 1:-

The olympics opening ceremony will quick start at 8 pm local time, i.e. midnight of 6 August in U.K. the event will start with the welcome speeches by the honorable guests.

Event will be handled by the creative director Fernando Meirelles and Daniel Thomas (co directed in London Olympics 2012) and Andrucha Waddington and Brazilian choreographer Deborah colker.  Meirelles has reportedly being handed the budget of 10% of that of the last held London Olympics 2012. 

Hence, as they are looking forward to the high tech ideas which can be incorporated with this much budget for best and satisfactory result. As the words to be taken in are given by Meirelles and Leonard Caetano that they are picking "originality over luxury and compensate with creativity, rhythm and emotion". 

Olympics Opening Ceremony update 2:-

The well known Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen will be witnessing the opening ceremony despite announcing her retirement.

Olympics Opening Ceremony update 3:-

Furthermore there will be 100 heads of state and government attending the ceremony. There have been around 6000 volunteers who have been rehearsing for the event for nearly three months and will be ready to deliver a vibrant show, presenting Brazilian culture to the spectators of the world as Rio welcomes the world for games.

Next in the go will be the parade performed by the Athletes at the Mricana stadium of Rio de janerio, where held the 2014 world cup, finally the Olympics flag will be raised followed by the anthems to be performed i.e. Hino Nacional Brasileiro-National anthem of Brazil and the Olympic Hymn-official hymn of the International Olympics Commitee. 

Greece will lead this Olympics parade of athletes followed by each of the competing nation in alphabetical order. The charm and moment of happiness and pride will come as the Olympics flame will lit bright in the host city of Rio de janeiro at Maricana stadium, bringing in the spirit of participation and sports.  

Olympics Opening Ceremony update 4:-

The Olympics flame will be moved to the port of Rio de janerio during the games as announced by the Olympics organizing committee spokesperson Mario Aranda as desired by Mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes.


Olympics Opening Ceremony update 5:-

It will be a wonderful experience to watch this summer Olympics 2016 being held at Rio as will be broadcasted by BBC across TV, radio and online. The tickets are also available at ranging from $200 to $4600 for A category tickets. 

This grand opening ceremony is a platform for the countries of the world to bring out the best and cherish the talents served.